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Welcome to Scotia

Come discover life in a community that offers distinct memories of a time gone by. Enjoy the peace and quiet as well as the rich history of the former lumber company owned town. Perfect for families. mature adults. and retirees. the homes in Scotia are well crafted from solid redwood and built to stand the test of time. This is your opportunity to set down new roots in this historic community.

These 270 historic homes. along with the commercial properties. are being offered for sale by the Town of Scotia Company. The sturdy yet elegant single-family homes in Scotia range from two to four bedrooms and one to two baths. with 1.000 to 2.000 square feet of living space. Now they’re just waiting for new residents to make lasting memories.

Scotia is nestled among the redwood forests but still offers modern conveniences. The Stanwood A. Murphy Elementary School. medical clinic. pharmacy. fire services. soccer and baseball fields. parks. hardware store. and market are all within walking distance from your front door. Best of all. access to the Eel River and walking and hiking trails are minutes away too.

Welcome home to Scotia Living!

For inquires. contact Mary Bullwinkel at or 707-764-4360.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sales prices for the homes in Scotia?

There is no base price since no two homes are the same other than the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Pricing will be set using bedroom and bathroom count. lot location. size of home. garage. and other non-quantifiable factors.

When will homes in Scotia be available for sale?

Home sales are happening now in Phase 1. which includes 40 houses in a neighborhood being called The Redwoods on Mill. Eddy and Church Streets.

How are the houses in Scotia going to be sold?

The town of Scotia has been segmented into five communities. each designated by “neighborhood”‘ name and each with a proposed timeframe for house sales.

Phase One (39 homes called The Redwoods) is currently in progress. The first home sales are currently in escrow and are anticipated to be finalized in June 2017.

Phase Two (71 homes called Eagle Crest) home sales are anticipated to begin in September 2017. This area includes B Street/Main Street/1st Street through 3rd Street.

Phase Three (67 homes called Murphy’s Pointe) home sales may begin in mid-2018. This area includes B Street/Main Street/4th Street through 6th Street.

Phase Four (74 homes called Salmon Run) home sales are projected to begin in August 2019. This area includes Williams Street.

Phase Five (19 homes called Scotia Depot) home sales are projected to begin in August 2020. This area includes North Court.

Can current tenants buy the house they now live in?

Yes! First step is to contact a Scotia Living representative. get registered. and proceed through the loan pre-qualification process. If the tenant’s house goes on the market before they are ready to purchase. it may be possible to relocate a tenant in good standing to another rental home that they may qualify to purchase.

Is a garage included with the home sale?

Some homes in Scotia have a detached garage included on the lot. In other cases. homeowners may have an opportunity to have a garage at other locations in Scotia. in a separate rental agreement with the Town of Scotia Company or with private investors who may purchase available garage buildings on separate lots.

How much money will need to be borrowed to purchase a home in Scotia?

Each loan program will have unique financing terms. For first time home buyers. there are programs available that allow little or no money down.

What would be the amount of monthly house payments?

Your monthly mortgage payment will vary depending on your down payment and how much money you borrow. but you can expect a range of $950 to $1.500 per month. which includes taxes and insurance. A personalized quote will be available when you talk to Mason-McDuffie Mortgage or your selected lender.

Is there assistance available with down payments to buy a house?

By getting pre-qualified for financing. there are options to consider based on your personal situation.

Can I finance home improvements?

Improvements to the efficiency of the home can be financed by the homeowner through a product offered by Mason-McDuffie Mortgage.

When should I start the financing process?

Now is the time! As sales activities increase. things will move quickly. There are more options if the process is started early.

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