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Discover life in a community that offers distinct memories of a time gone by. Enjoy the peace and quiet, as well as the rich history of the former lumber company-owned town. The homes in Scotia are well crafted from solid redwood and built to stand the test of time. Now is your opportunity to set down new roots in this historic community.

Home sales in Scotia began in June 2017, and since then 24 houses have been sold and are in private ownership.

The sturdy and charming single-family homes in Scotia range from 1,000 to 2,000 square feet of living space, two to four bedrooms and one to two baths. Some have detached garages and others do not.

Modern conveniences in Scotia are all within walking distance: the medial clinic, pharmacy, market, elementary school, fire department, park, and soccer and baseball fields.  . Best of all. access to the Eel River and walking and hiking trails are just minutes away too

For inquires. contact Mary Bullwinkel, Town of Scotia Company Residential Real Estate Sales Coordinator at (707) 764-4360 or

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the plans for selling houses in Scotia?

Over the next four to five years the 270 houses in Scotia will be sold in phases. Phase 1: Home sales (39 houses) are currently underway in the Eddy, Mill, and Church Streets are of town. Phase 2: Home sales (76 houses) are scheduled to begin in March 2018, in the B Street/Main Street, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Streets area. Phase 3: Home sales will commence when Phase 2 sales are complete, in the area of 4th, 5th, and 6th Streets, and the rest of B Street/Main Street. Phase 4: Home sales will begin when Phase 3 sales are complete in the Williams, Bridge, 7th, and 8th Streets and Pond Walk area, nearest the Eel River. Phase 5: (19 houses) This is the final phase of home sales in what is called the North Court area, near the Highway 101 Scotia off ramp. 

What is included in the sale of a Scotia home?

The town of Scotia has been subdivided into individual lots, so the house itself and the land it sits on are included in the purchase. 

Is Town of Scotia Company represented by a real estate professional?

Yes. Please contact Cathy Endert, Realtor Associate at Coldwell Banker Cutten Realty at 707-845-1668 or 

Can current tenants buy the house they now live in?

Many of the houses in Scotia are still being rented, and current tenants will have an opportunity to explore the possible purchase of the house they currently occupy or one nearby. If the tenant cannot afford or is not interested in buying the house, it will be placed on the Multiple Listing Service and offers from interested buyers will be considered.

Is a garage included with the home sale?

Some homes in Scotia have a detached garage included on the lot. In other cases. homeowners may have an opportunity to have a garage at other locations in Scotia. in a separate rental agreement with the Town of Scotia Company or with private investors who might purchase available garage buildings on separate lots.

What is the cost of a Scotia home for sale?

All homes are being listed at market value, and the specific price will be included when the home is placed on the Multiple Listing Service.

What steps can be taken to prepare for making an offer on a Scotia home?

Talk to a financial institution and determine what level of funding for which you qualify for buying a home. Each loan program will have unique financing terms. Your monthly mortgage payment will vary depending on down payment and how much money is borrowed. 

What Scotia home purchase offers will be considered?

Offers to buy a home in Scotia will only be considered for purchase of a house included in the current phase of home sales. | ©2015 Scotia Living. All rights reserved.