Winter Tips for Humboldt County


One of the main reasons people choose Humboldt County as a place to call home is its beautiful weather year-round. The weather here is “temperate” which means it never gets extremely hot or extremely cold largely due to the close proximity of the Pacific Ocean.

Humboldt County has some of the most beautiful winters in the state when temperatures dropped only minimally.

Scotia Living has gathered together some tips to make sure you stay warm and enjoy this Humboldt County winter.

Efficient Layering: When you live in Humboldt County nothing is more important than learning how to efficiently layer your clothing to prepare for the entire day. It could be a brisk 45 degrees in the morning and quickly heat up to a comfortable 70 in the afternoon. Having the right clothing under your winter gear is definitely much needed in Humboldt County.

Rain Shell: The rain shell is your final and most critical layer of clothing when getting around in Humboldt County during the winter. Winters here rarely see temperatures below the 40’s so the main factor to look for in this layer is breathability. It’s hard to stay dry when you’re sweating from that heavy rain jacket you’re wearing.

Sweater, Fleece: This is for the crystal clear Humboldt county winter mornings. They are some of the most beautiful times of the year but can also be a little chilly. This is where your insulation layer comes in handy. Make sure you find the right fleece or sweater for you!

Footwear:Whatever your views on winter footwear, nothing is more important than keeping your feet dry. Stick to shoes with a thick enough sole to keep you out of those puddles.