New Year's Resolutions for Your Home


As we begin 2017 many people are ready to change up how they treat their bodies but what about where they live? According to an article on the website,, a cleaner and more organized home can actually improve your physical and mental health by reducing stress; and help you eat better, stick to your workout routines and lose weight. 


Here are a couple of Scotia Living’s favorite New Year’s Resolutions for your home:

 Work out a system for keeping your home clean – start with a checklist!

  • Put on some upbeat music before you even start to help speed up the cleaning process.
  • First things first, start by picking up the initial clutter in your home. This is the time to start making decisions on what you really need moving forward. Is it time to donate some of those old clothes you don’t wear anymore?
  • Now comes dusting, this will help improve the air quality in your house.  Microfiber cloths like the ones found here are the best to use.
  • Sweep and vacuum the floors throughout the entire house. Don’t forget to get into the furniture; you’d be amazed what snuck into the cushions over the years!
  • For more tips for cleaning specific areas of the house click here to learn more:


New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home

 It’s the New Year and time to think about minor and even major repairs and updates to your home.  Are you thinking about reducing your energy costs, curbing water use, purifying your home air quality or just refining your household budget? Here are some ways that might help.