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The t own of Scotia is a privately owned community of approximately 270 homes in the unincorporated portions of Humboldt County, CA. The Scotia community today is owned by the Town of Scotia Company, LLC, which is held by an investment group. Separately, Mendocino-Humboldt Redwoods Company owns and operates a portion of the lumber mill property in Scotia and manages its Redwood forest resources in the surrounding mountains.

The Town of Scotia Company, which owns the residential and commercial real estate in town, is offering these properties for sale. The homes sales will take place in phases, with Phase 1 underway now. The 270 homes have been subdivided into separate individual lots, each with a home that is being sold, some to the existing tenant and others to interested buyers. The subdivision development includes new water, sewer, storm drains and utilities with new paved streets. Contact Mary Bullwinkel at (707) 764-4360 with any further questions you might have.


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Frank Shaw Bacik
President & Director of Legal Affairs, Town of Scotia, LLC

Frank Shaw Bacik is currently the President and Director of Legal Affairs for the Town of Scotia Company LLC, which owns all the residential and several commercial properties in Scotia, Fortuna and Carlotta, CA. All the properties are located in Northern California’s Humboldt County. In addition, Frank has continued his law practice specializing in natural resource management, land-use planning and real estate development, environmental impact review and related regulatory, administrative and government agency permitting issues.

Prior to assuming the responsibilities of President, Frank served as the Vice President and General Counsel for The Pacific Lumber Company (PALCO) and several affiliated timberland management, natural resources and forest products manufacturing companies, all located in Humboldt County.

In his private law practice, he has represented and counseled clients in a wide range of successful land-use projects, both in planning and implementation stages, as well as through administrative, trial, and appellate litigation in the California State and federal courts. Mr. Bacik is considered a specialist in California Forestry Law and Regulation, as well as endangered species protection, habitat conservation planning, surface mining and reclamation, coastal development permitting, and in matters regarding compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the California Subdivision Map Act, the California Coastal Act, the Federal Clean Water and Clean Air Acts, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and State and Federal Endangered Species Acts (ESAs). | ©2015 Scotia Living. All rights reserved.