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Humboldt County is a beautifully tranquil and picturesque area. It’s a peaceful place guarded from the hustle and bustle of the big cities by Northern California’s stunning Redwood forest. Residents of Humboldt County rest assured every time they wake up that their morning rituals will be accompanied by the sweet smell of the forest and the gentle sounds of nature. Residents can choose from an endless amount of outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, camping, kayaking and much, much more! This perfect balance of serenity and activity is offset by the midsize cities in Humboldt County which offer a full-size range of services meeting all of your daily needs.

The county seat and largest city is Eureka, which has a population of approximately 27,000. The second largest city is Arcata, home of the Humboldt State University Lumberjacks. Arcata has a population of approximately 18,000. Fortuna, just north of Scotia, has a population of around 10,000. Eureka, Arcata and Fortuna make up what are sometimes referred to locally as the Tri-Cities. Other incorporated areas are Trinidad, Ferndale, Rio Dell and Blue Lake, each of which have populations of less than 2,000. In total, the county has a population of around 130,000. Combined the cities offer services that include major hospitals, shopping malls, top educational facilities, entertainment and dining.

Humboldt County

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