Redwood timber homes in Scotia move in ready

The Town of Scotia has a rich history as one of America’s longest surviving “company towns.”  These towns, once common throughout the country, were entirely owned and operated by the lumber companies and other companies with large remote operations. In the late 1800’s, Pacific Lumber Company started logging operations in Humboldt County and needed housing for its loggers. The first employee bunkhouse was built in 1884. By 1887, Mill A had been completed, employing 150 men, which led to another 100 individual houses being built. These beautifully crafted redwood homes are timeless and will last for many future generations to come.



These traditional craftsman redwood timber homes are built to stand the test of time with sturdy yet elegant redwood craftsmanship. Unparalleled in character and grace, these move in ready homes will provide warmth to those who are lucky enough to own one for decades to come.

Solid Redwood Homes For Sale In Scotia

The Town of Scotia is completing an entire upgraded infrastructure insuring that current water/sewage systems, paved roads and storm drains all built to code.

PG&E rewired the entire town including residential areas installing new SmartMeter™ technology. A SmartMeter™ connects your home in a two-way communication with the electric grid. This helps manage the demand on the grid and increases service and reliability. This also helps you make more informed choices about your energy consumption and have greater control of your monthly costs.

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