Eel River Fishing Photo

Looking to get close to nature? Just minutes from your doorstep in Scotia, California is a sparkling watershed teeming with life. Enjoy the placidity of The Eel River while you fish or invite your family and friends for a relaxing swim. Running south to north, this watershed is the third largest in the state covering over 3,600 square miles. The Eel River is truly a miracle of nature with all forms of life living in harmonious community, which led to it being awarded both a State and Federal Wild and Scenic River designation.

The Eel River offers many great fishing opportunities, with fall and winter salmon and steelhead runs. Shad fishing during the late spring and early summer offers the angler an exciting change of pace. The most common fish in the Eel include steelhead trout, chinook, and coho salmon. Chinook start coming into the river in October. The chinook run from October through December, with the peak in late October depending on rainfall.


The Eel River in Scotia

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