We’re in the “Red Zone at 3rd and Goal” and just about ready to get the ball over the line!


After several stops and starts, we’re close to releasing homes for sale at Scotia Living. The first Village, The Redwoods, is located among the streets of Mill, Church and Eddy and includes a total of 39 beautifully crafted homes. There are 8 homes for sale in the first release.

1) The Town of Scotia has final confirmation from PG&E that the easements for their facilities are complete for Phase 1 and the entire town.

2) Humboldt County staff is satisfied that the Phase 1 conditions of approval have been met.

3) The Scotia Community Services District is prepared to assume ownership of and responsibility for the utility infrastructure that we have completed in Phase 1 including the water and sewer treatment plants.

4) The California State Bureau of Real estate is in final review of the Conditional and Final Public reports they require in satisfaction of the State’s commitment to residential homebuyers that there is adequate disclosure information available to potential buyers to make an informed purchase decision.


Once the Town of Scotia receives the final blessing from Humboldt County staff members to secure the Board of Supervisor’s approval to record the Phase 1 map these beautifully historic homes will finally be available for sale to our more than 350 interested buyers.


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