Whether it be the hundreds miles of pristine coastline or the near perfect year-round weather, there’s no better place to call home.  Here are some of the top reasons people love living in Northern California.

Northern California Beaches

There’s no beating the beaches of Northern California. With a coastline that stretches over 400 miles with well over 300 beaches, there will always be enough room for a family beach day. Grab the wetsuit though. Northern California ocean temperatures keep a steady 55 degrees year round.     

The Weather

Northern California is lucky enough to have some of the best weather in the entire nation. Not too hot and not too cold. Temperatures are a steady 60-70 degrees year round in Humboldt County only dropping a couple degrees in winter and gaining a few more in summer. But this summer is going to be a particularly hot one in Northern California with places like Redding reaching into the high 90’s in July. Break out the bathing suits and spend this summer in Northern California.

Lots To Do

There are endless possibilities of things to do when you live in Northern California. Whether you enjoy indoor activities, the great outdoors, or just simple things like watching a sunset, there are plenty of choices to fit your lifestyle. Take a trip to Napa for a day of wine tasting at over 400 wineries, drive through a magnificent redwood tree, or explore Yosemite National Park. From outdoor camping to fine dining, anything is possible in Northern California.


California has a rich history dating back to the first Spanish missionaries arriving in California in the 1700’s. Today there are approximately 40 million people living in the Golden State. Even today, the folklore of the Gold Rush of 1849 still excites people who seek their fortunes at Sutter’s Mill. California has the largest economy in the United States is home Hollywood, Disneyland, Yosemite National Park, Alcatraz and the famous Golden Gate Bridge.